Letter To juan solana,

director of the magdala center


Jesus Christ Came To Bring The Kingdom Of God, With It’s Unique Own Dynamics Total Controverse

to the worldsystem which is ruled by satan.
Being In His Kingdom Is Through And Lead By The Holy Spirit Following The Rules And Guidelines Of His Kingdom.

A Glimpse Of These Dynamics Are Found In Acts 2:37-47, When The People Where Filled With The Holy Spirit.

They Began To Act As God Wanted Them To Act, Also With Belongings And Finances, True Followers

Put All Their Belongings At The Feet Of The Apostles And They Divided It As The Spirit Thoroughly Lead In His Wisdom.

That’s The Heart Of God.

To beg for money (asking donations) is NOT The Heart Of God, but the dynamics of this wordly kingdom ruled by satan and mammon.

You Have To Repent

And Come Into The Anointing Of Jesus Christ And Mary Magdalene, Understand Matthew 26:13 And The Beautiful Mystery Hidden In There,

It’s A Dark Almost Invisible Door, BUT It’s The Door Of Revelation 4:1, you Have To Go Through It.

See The Book She Is As The Dance Of Two Armies Click Link

Through Anointing God Builds Form Inside Out

You can put the most beautifull magdala centre but if The Anointing Is missing, you have nothing

know that you are connected to the vatican, which means: hill where the snake is worshipped as god,

they held the crucifix (the corpus, wherein the curse still on the cross, While Jesus Christ Is Risen!) high,

and all what hangs on the crosswood is cursed!

through this false priesthood the Revelation 9:11 line of destruction works, 

through this priesthood you are hooked in the system, hooked in the trust / hexagram, which stands for 666, Revelation 13:18

God Says In Revelation 18:4 Come Out Of her! so you are not partakers of her sin, and don’t receive from her plagues!

And more Vers 6!

you Have To Come Over To The Right PriestMantle That Of Hebrews 9:11

This Is Only Possible When There Is A True Rebirth In Zion – Psalm 87:5 –

In The Shulamite (The Heir Of The Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene Bloodline) – Song Of Songs 4 + 6:13 – In The Melchizedek HighPriest

Bloodline Of Jesus Christ And Mary Magdalene – Micha 4:8 –

To Make This Transfer Is A Way Of heavy spiritual battle, you Have Be spiritually Lead Through the jesuit-oath, it’s the spear of destiny

against The Holy Grail, this is the one and only world war. BUT It’s Accpomplished By Jesus Christ On The Cross, His Blood Was Shed,

The Blood That Breaks all other blood covenants, He Having Spoiled principalities and powers, He Made a shew of them Openly,

Triumphing over them in it. Coll. 2:15 the hexagram of the state Broken. The By Mary Magdalena Before His death Anointed Body Was Laid In A

Grave ( This Was Lead By God, He Had Her  Chosen For This). Understand The Lesser Is Always Blessed / Anointed By The One Who Is

More, A Big Secret – Isaiah 43:18, 28:21 –

A New Unusual Even Strange Work, With Another Tongue He Will Speak To His People – Isiaiah 28:11 – He Arose From the grave, Met

Mary Magdalene First, His Most Loved Apostle, His First Send Apostle, He Send Her To the other apostles, She Had To Say To Them: I Am

Ascending To My Father And your Father, And To My God And your God. Again A Deep Secret! You Have To Ask God To Reveal

This Mystery To you.

She Went To The Apostles And Spoke Exactly As He Said (Know That Whole The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene is left out of the canon of the

bible) Read what peter and the other apostles said about Her: Gospel Of Mary Magdalene – See Attachement –

the apostles rejected The FullFilling Anointing, The Fullness Of The Seven Spirits In The Relation Of Jesus Christ And His Bride Mary

Magdalene, and peter continued WITHOUT This Anointing, so also paul and everyone who did not Do The Assignment Jesus Assigned In

Matthew 26:13, so peter became the fouder of the catholic church, through his enormous sin, was It not Possible that the iniquities were

Cleansed And Transformed Into Anointing. it’s now become to a climax in the vatican

See 5 reasons vatican is runned by reptilians Click Link

C O R O N A stands for the crown on the st peter, Lot To Say About this.


For now it’s Clear that everybody who has been blind for this deep 9/11 matrix / prison and the destruction within have to make The Transfer

And Come Out of the defiled mantle of the vatican, And Step Into The Fullfilled Work Of The Great HighPriest Jesus Christ – Hebrew 9:11 –

From The Island Of Patmos, From The Revelation Of Apostle John, He Lead Us To Jerusalem Several Times, Also To the magdala center.

On the site We Saw a dead dove and more, After We Proclaimed The New Jerusalem There He Gave Us The Promise For The Big

Breakthrough, The Secret Will Come Open.

On 12-12-’12 While We Were  On The Mount Of Olives There Was The Big Shift In The Spirit And He Spoke:

‘Completion!’ And He Gave High Priest Council Jerusalem Click Link. You Are So Welcome To Come Into The Fullness, The Way Is Prepared.

The wailing wall Is Broken With The New Sound, It’s All Accomplished, nehusthan has stopped. His River Of Fullness – Revelation 22:1,

Ezekiel 47:8 – Is Streaming Through.

The Open Door; His River Of Glory

no shortages in finances anymore, Because Revelation 11:15

Then The Seventh Angel Sounded: And There Were Loud Voices In Heaven, Saying, “the kingdoms of this world have become [the kingdoms]

Of Our Lord And Of His Christ, And He Shall Reign Forever And Ever!”

Revelation 11:15

By His Holy Order, In The Name Of The Most High

In And From Agapé

His Witness,
David Joshua Israel Immanuel Ben Sion
Overseer, Bishop, PriestKing In The New Work, Reformer
– Isaiah 43:19, Matthew 26:13, Revelation 5:10 –
Also On Behalf Of Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah Bat Sion
HighPriestess Of The Ascension And Descension,
Overseer, Apostolic Leader In The New Work, The Shulamite

– Micah 4, John 20:17, Efeze 4 –
High Priest Council Jerusalem