River Of Fullness
Chambers Of Commerce

Zion – Jerusalem – Israel
Luke 14:33, Act. 2:44-45, 4:34

Patmos, 08-2016


Your contribution Is Welcome In The God-Given StoreHouse
And Is Fully Used For The Precious Work
Which He Entrusts Us: If you Know To Be Called,
Let Us Know Through

After Deep Revelations About ‘the system’
And what this does to The Called Children Of God,
And Therefore Commissioned By Him,
We do not connect ourselves to anbi And Know
To Be Led Out Of the babylonian banking system.


God The Creator, Out Of Whom Comes Forth All Life, Has One Blueprint
Of Right And Optimal Life. He Is The Author Of The Society, He Has Created It
Down To The Smallest Detail.
He Knows All Ins And Outs. The world system as We Know it now, in which
The Society is trapped, is Coming To An End – Rev. 18 -. His Kingdom Breaks
Down this world of illusion. In His Living Together, Relationship Is Central;
He Blesses Full Healthy Relationships With Provisions; 2 Fishes And 5 Breads,
2 Witnesses And The Fivefold Ministry, And no one lacks. In His Society,
He Has Landed In His Priests And Every One Is Carried By The Full Agape Love, Isaiah 11:9-10 Fulfilled.


They Shall not hurt nor destroy In All My Holy Mountain,
For The Earth Shall Be Full Of The Knowledge Of The Lord
as the waters cover the sea.
“And In That Day There Shall Be A Root Of Jesse,
Who Shall Stand As A Banner To The People;
For the gentiles Shall Seek Him,
And His Resting Place Shall Be Glorious.”