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Who Is The River Of Fullness? 

The River of Fullness is Jesus Himself, The River Of Living Water, Flowing From The Sanctuary And through God’s Worshipping Children Over The Earth, Straight Through church walls and along the babylonian church structures. Where God Himself Gives His Approval On: An Ointment Poured Forth (Song 1:3), It Is One Rhema Flow, It Is One Flow Of Agape Love. Only From This River Comes Anointing On The Prayers And Will The Called Ones Be Built Up More And More, And Grow In Perfect Love, causing the babylonian (world) systems to be Brought Down And Nullified. Through Accurate Acting Of The Called Ones In Obedience To The Rhema Word Of Christ, The Bride Without spot or wrinkle Can Emerge.


From This River, House Churches Based On Acts 2 And Psalm 133 Emerge nationally and internationally, As Well As Equipment Days/Times And Joint Prophetic Worship Meetings In Which God Is Worshipped In Spirit And Truth In A Creative Way.


Jesus Christ Himself Is The Living Water;
The Fullness Of The Seven Spirits Of God Is In Him.
(Rev. 22, Eze. 12, Rev. 1:4, Rev. 4:5, Rev. 5:12, Rev. 5:3+14, Rev. 22:18+19, Rev.  22:17).


The Call Of God For His Children To Become Fully One With His River :
(Eze. 47, John 3, Phil. 3:7-14, John 13:34, 1 Pet. 1:15, Rom. 8:1, Jer. 51:45, Rev. 2:15b, Acts 2, Psa. 50:23, Rev. 3:2a.)


Ezekiel 47:8
Then Said He Unto Me, These Waters Issue Out Toward the east country, And Go Down Into The desert, And Go Into the sea:
Which Being Brought Forth Into the sea, The Waters Shall Be Healed.
(The sea stands for the defiled spirits of humanity here,
The River Is The Apostolic Prophetic HighPriestly Spirit Of Jesus Christ, Who Cleanses And Sanctifies the human spirit.) 

(click) The hidden city under the sea


In 03-2009, The River Of Fullness Fell On The Earth In ‘the netherlands’ And Started To Flow Powerfully. Out Of This, An Apostolic Prophetic Source Group Emerged,
From Where His River Continues To Flow. We Are Thankful For How He Moves With Unprecedented Speed In the nation og the Netherlands and internationally,
And Is Bringing To Pass His Plan Of Grace.


See Also The Prophetic Endtime Word Which God Already Gave Deborah In 2005:
(click:) Psalm 33
And The Vision She Received From Him In 2007:
(click:) Vision: defiled river and Pure River


And We Move Along In His Flow, Sent Out From The Source In His River,
To Do What He Asks Of Us, Always On The Cutting Edge…
(Ezek. 1-2, Joshua, Zerubbabel (Zech. 3+4) & Cyrus (Isa. 45))