Birth And Movement Of His River Of Fullness

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Testimony Aquila Deborah

Aquila Deborah

The Birth Of His River On Earth Is The Life Of Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah, Given As A Present To the world. TheoDora: Gift Of God.
When Looking back, It Is Clear That He Had Already Been Preparing Her Whole Her Life For This Springing Of His River, Which Started In the ‘netherlands’ In sd 03-2009. Through A Powerful Experience In The Spirit,
She Saw This River Being Birthed Through Her.

“During A Conference In the l.e.g. in amsterdam, I Experienced In My Spirit That In One Moment Gods River Came Down On The Earth In Me With Strong Power. In This Experience I Heard In The Spirit: ‘River Of Glory’. God Himself Gave The Name To The Movement Of His Spirit.”

When She Went To The Called Prophet Leading The Conference, To Share Her Experience, he Immediately Prophesied Powerfully, About This River,
About This Unique Work Of God, That It Would Be Huge, Deep, Wide, Far, Etc. “His Prophetic Words Came As A Powerful Stream, The Spirit Was So heavy that he Had to bend his knees.”

So We Are not connected to any movement, But Are Very Thoroughly Lead Right From The Throne By The Rhema-Word; A New Unusual Work
– Isa. 43:18-19, Isa. 28:21, Jer. 31:22 –

Below, you Will Find Her Beautiful Testimony Of Her Journey In Accordance With The Birth And Growth Of His River Of Fullness.


Join Us Through The Visions, Revelations And Prophecies And See With Us What A Deep, Miraculous New Work God Is Doing In These Days.
We Pray That your eyes Will Be Opened


She Was Born As A First Child In sd 1958 In Zevenaar, the ‘netherlands’ (Sevenear Means Seven (Grain) Ears; a city Clearly Called For Fullness And KingShip, She Knows!). Her parents gave Her The Name Theodora, Which Means ‘Gift of God’. She Grew Up in a catholic hard working middle class family, shortly after the 2nd world war. When She Was Only 6 Years Old, She Became Deeply Convicted By Herself That something is wrong In the ‘church’;
She Looked Through the glass of the catholic church where she was taken by Her parents. She Saw Herself Sitting Outside Before The Opening Of A WigWam, Looking Into The Sky, Communicating To God: I Want To Meet The God Who Made all people, The God Who Loves everyone!”

The Lord Clearly Heard And Answered Her Cry…
In 1992, When She Was 33, After 12 Years Of Daily Continuous Reading His Word, Knowing That The Life Was In There, Hungry Asking a lot people,
who said seems To Know The Word, And Crying Out To Him (She Could not Believe That Somebody Could Love Her, because of an undefined contextual depression from The BloodLine Of the mother, feeded by the catholic church and the holocaust of the second world war, egregores full of anti-Christ assassination programms, symbolized by the french black lily)

Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah
Had A Deep Born Again Experience, Based On John 3:16-17.

Suddenly, In One Moment There Was A Big Breakthrough, A Lot Of Tears Came, It Didn’t Seem To Stop, And Her Heart Was Overflowing With His Love!

Aquila Deborah Met Him In 1995 In A Clear Vision On A High Hill, and He Spoke About The New Work, Like A Moses; After He Had Laid His Pierced Hands On Her Hands And Filled Her With The Fullness Of His Love. It Was Confirmed At That Moment By A Prophetic Song For Her Through A Worshipper Who Sat Near Her While He Played On His Guitar.
Under The Laying On Of Hands She Also Received The Wisdom Of Solomon Here.

He Gave Her The Assignment To Build His House For The Sanctuary In 1996 Through 1 Chronicles 28:10+20.

And He Gave Her Two New Names: Aquila, Which Means Eagle, And Deborah, Which Means Bee, Like A Bee Queen, Who Directs The Beehive.
Deborah Is Also First Of All A Worshipper, A Director, Judge, Prophetess And Mother Of Israel As In the old testament

Through Revelation 4:1, He Gave Her His Promise Of The Open Door In 2001.

In 2003, Before A Conference He Showed Her A Lot Of Water In The Sky, With White Foaming Crests, Moving Wildly, Touching Earth.

“When I Shared This With the called prophetess who spoke During The Conference, she told Me she Had Received Exactly The Same Vision where she lives in the usa On The Same Point Of Time. She and her husband Prayed With Me And Prophesied Strongly Over Me. What Followed Was A Time Of Intense Depth And Many Visions And Releases In My Life. The River Is Eventually During Joint Worship Released In My Life Broke Through For the ‘netherlands’.

“In another conference in 03-2009, Exactly On That Moment That A Called Prophet Ran To The Front during the closing service And Shouted: How often more do these speakers have to come to this land, before you will open up your houses…?!, I Knew!” – Revelation 21:6 And 22:1 –

“In The Years Between 2003 And 2009 I Saw In The Spirit With Great Regularity ‘Single’ Rivers Here And There Through The Land. Prophetic Worship Broke Open.
The Called Children Of Called Devoted More And More To Prophetic Worship And They Started To Express Their Love To Fathers Throne. His Answer: Living Water / Oil Which Streamed Down (Rivers Between Hearts Of People And The Heart Of Their Heavenly Father). I Knew: These Rivers Are Going To Find Each Other And Flow Together To
One Big River From Where He Will Form His Bride From.”

Also in 2003, He Gave Her In A Vision The Plummet, The Cross And The Golden Cord. He Urged Her To Only Sit On The Plummet, Which Became A Wrecking Ball, Until It Would Completely Hold Still Above The Cross; From There She Was Only Allowed To Walk Carefully On The Golden Cord, Which Went All The Way Up Into The New Jerusalem, And not to look at the houses around Her – you cannot Receive Anything unless It Is Given From Heaven – But Only Straight Forward, While Holding Jesus’ Hand; From A Distance She Saw High In Front Of Her A Huge, Half-Round, Bent Ice Wall; With In Large Letters Hewn Out: SANCTIFICATION.
– Amos 7:7-8, Ezekiel 1:25 –

In 2004 He Also Took Her Spirit Up In A Vision; She Saw Herself On A Golden Chariot With A Huge White Flag In Her hand; The Wheels Were Going Straight To strong demonic lines; When The Wheels Touched the lines they broke Immediately; And The Chariot Went Straight To the other side, Without Turning The Wheels, to the next line, which also broke Immediately, And So On, And On, And On; Now She Knows the lines are egregore lines
(Click Here For The Article For Now: egregore; false demonic borderlines of the comfort zones (babylon) people live in). Since 2014, David Joshua Israel Immanuel Is Firmly Standing On The Chariot With Her, In An Accomplishing Anointing.

In 2005 She Received, from someone, who wants to stay anonymous, A Powerful Word, Based On Psalm 33. He Spoke About Water, Water And Water…
It Is A Core Prophecy Because Herein The New Aspect Of This Endtime Movement Comes To The Front.

He Prophesied The New Work, Which nobody has ever Seen before,
In 2005 Through Psalm 33. (Click Here To Read The Endtime Word Aquila Deborah Received Then.)“End Of 12-2006 I Asked God: “Where Are All Your Children, who Were With Me On So Many Conferences And Trainings In Spiritual Warfare?” Then I Heard Him Say: “Connect My Army”. I Didn’t Have Any Idea How, Back Then, But Know He Gave Me The Assignment.“

In 2006 He Called Her:’ Deborah, Deborah, Arise, because the leaders won’t Stand up!’, Judges 5:7-12


In A Dream Which He Gave someone else, She Was Seen in the midst of an army of wounded soldiers, holding a Banner of Love.
Isaiah 59:19, Song Of Songs 2:4


In 2007, When She Was Praying For the ‘netherlands’ With a sister, She Saw In A Vision The Lord Jesus Christ On His White Horse Stepping On The Borderline Of The Country. There was a mesh over the ‘netherlands’. The Hooves Of The Horse Stepped On each attachment of the mesh in the ground
at the border of the ‘netherlands’;

With Each Step, these attachments jumped open, the chicken wire began to roll up, from the bottom of the country to the top. She Knew: this chicken wire represents the freemasonry network which controlled the ‘netherlands’. Locks kicked open (connections with neighboring countries); deep roots were Uprooted, Jesus Christ Put His Foot on the land; it will be Delivered from freemasonry, which governs through a corrupt state.


Jesus Christ Reigns As King Of Kings And A Thorough Preparatory Work Is In Progress. God’s Fire Will Burn the sin and iniquity of the land.

Also She Received From an acknowledged Called prophet, after a deep confusing and turbulent
time: ‘You Have Overcome Again one of many confusions (knots)’ .

In 2014, another Called Prophet Prophesied Over Her: Daniel 5:12, That She Is One Who Disentangles knots.


In This Year Also An Anointed Called Speaker In The Apostolic Prophetic Movement Said To Her, That She Would Come Via The Outside-Stairs on the roof And From There She Would Approach the defiled Bride through the roof. The Fruit Of Her Ministry Shows That She Is A Deprogrammer Of kabbalah-strongholds, Together With David Joshua They Receive The Revelation, On The Right Time God Puts The Sword In the kabbalah-strongholds, the witchcraft which comes loose, Because Of The Sword, They Cleanse Together Through HighPriesthood Before The Throne Of The Great HighPriest Jesus The Christ, So the people Can Be Delivered And Blessed, When they Subject themselves To The Holy Order And Come In The Fullness Of His Spirit; His River, To Receive The Pure Glory; His Fullness. He Sets Free First Of All The 144.000 And Is Leading Out His Bride And Establish His Kingdom On The Earth, A Light For The People, The Glory Of The Last Temple Shall Be Bigger Than The Former – Hag. 2:10 –


In 2007, A Called Prophet Saw A Huge WHITE EAGLE On Her Back; His Wings Over Her Shoulders, His Head Above Her Head; His Message: “DON’T STAY WHERE THERE’S NO SPACE FOR ME TO WORK FREELY; I DON’T Accept a roof above My Head. When somebody tries to attack You, Then I Myself Will Stand Between You And the enemy.”


“End Of 2007 I Saw An Enormous Gulf Of Water Approach, The Called Children Of God, Who Were Standing On Their Rock. Many of them let them drag along with the water, many jumped in – Matt. 7:26-27 -. A Single One Remained Standing And A Few Came Back On The Rock. They Who Came Back, Anchored Themselves Deeper In The Rock Then Ever Before – Matt. 7:25 -.


God Spoke: “This is the defiled river. Don’t Touch it, I Am With it.”
– John 7:24, Matt. 7:1, Matt. 13:29, Matt. 7:26, Isa. 17:10a, 1 Cor. 10:4-5 –

Then I Saw A Huge Clear Wave Approach And Flood The Called Children Of God From Behind. Now God Asked To His Children To Leave their rock And Let themselves Flow With The River.
I Asked Him: “But It Is not Good To Let Go Of The Rock?” Upon Which He Answered: “The Rock Stays In
The River”. – Rom. 9:33, 1 Cor. 10:4 –

He Spoke: “This Is An Apostolic-Prophetic River And I Ask My Called Children To Leave their Comfortzone, And Surrender themselves Totally, So That I Through Them Can Come To My Purpose In The Fivefold Ministry. This River Goes Straight Through church walls and along the man-made church structures. The Love In
This River Scours along the pillars of the human structures and makes them weak, The Power Of The Prayers From The Fivefold Ministry Makes That the pillars Shall Break. In This River Shall My Endtime Bride Wthout spot or wrinkle Be Made Ready – Rev. 22:1 – See Also: Vision the defiled river and His Pure River (Click Link).

In 2009, a Called Prophet Spoke: I’ll Break the divisions of the territory!!! This Is also What He Showed Her When She Was In A Vision On A Golden Chariot While Holding A Large White Flag In Her Hand.

In 2008, He Took Her Up In A Vision Like John Of Patmos, And Gave Her His Endtime Map, The New Jerusalem BluePrints, By The Revelation About The Seven Churches, About The Body Of Christ in the netherlands and later for the nations. In This Year He Also Said Through
A Called Prophet: ‘Now I Am Still Doing It Together With You, But Soon You Will Do It.’


In 03-2009, He Downloaded
His River Of Fullness in Her spirit, Isaiah 32:15-18


He Downloaded The Water Of His Fullness in ‘holland’, And Spoke “River Of Glory”,
Which Now Flows From Patmos, The Island Of The Open Door,

Over the nations, Especially Jerusalem…

“I’m Doing A New Unusual Work

As Prophesied: “If you criticize It, you won’t Be A Part Of It’!
Isaiah 32:19

(End of 12-2015, He Started To Call His River ‘River Of Fullness‘; A New Time Has Begun!)


ISAIAH 33 He Spoke on 03-2009

The same year, during a conference in strasbourg, right after the 09-09-09 Prophetic Action on the river rhine,
He Called the dutch Spiritual Army To Gather Quickly In Unity And To Stand Between the ‘plates’ of islam and humanism.
On The Podium Appeared A Heavenly Light, We Couldn’t See With Our Eyes, But It Was Seen On All Recorded Video’s.

On the ship during the Prophetic Action He gave Aquila Deborah Psalm 77:12-21; He Led His people like a flock.


Subsequently The River Of Glory Was Again Confirmed By God By A Called prophet. He Gave That Evening Also Powerful Words For The Rising Of The Body Through the ‘netherlands’.


There Are Many Hearts Full Of Worship (Psalm 50:23). It Is His River In Us And Together We Form A Huge River. In Jesus Christ We Are Worldwide One, Because Those Who Totally Surrendered Themselves To Jesus, Are Led By The Same Spirit. This Spirit Streams From God’s Throne Through The Hearts Of The People.
The River The Fivefold Ministry Powerfully Does Her Work, It Is The Fullness Of His Spirit – Isa. 11:2, Rev. 1:4 – Whereby everything In His Body that isn’t Build By Him Is Exposed And Removed. This River Flows Right Through churchwalls and along pillars of the man-made church structures. The pillars are worn By His Love And The Power Which Comes Free By The Prayers Of Them Who Are In The Fivefold Ministry Break Down the structures. In This Way the broken cisterns (Isa. 2:13, religious partial truths vs The Full Pure Stream Of His Spirit) are Demolished And The Sincerely Desiring People Are Led Out In His River. In This Way We Are On The Way To A Bride Without spot or wrinkle, One Body Worldwide In Perfect Unity, But Everyone On His / Her Place As Is Written In Revelation 19. In This Way We Are True Living Stones, Walking In The Fullness Of His Word, And We Form Together The New Jerusalem, Everyone Of Us On His Own Place Worshipping And Moving.
Jesus’ Own Goodbye Words Are Our Assignment.

A New Commandment I Give To you, That you Love One Another; As I Have Loved you, That you Also Love One Another. By This All Will Know That you Are My Disciples, If you Have Love For One Another.”
John 13:34-35

This Is The Key For True Unity: It In Our Own Life Stream With His River Of Fullness In The Full Song Of Songs Love. Nobody can and Is Allowed to add something to it or take something from it. Jesus Himself Spoke, And Still Speak, Maybe More Powerful Than Ever! – Rev. 22:17-20 -. No law anymore, The Law Is Fulfilled By Jesus Christ, The Living Water, Gods Son – Gal. 3:13 –

In The Same Time As the Teaching Born In The Spirit Was Preached near the ‘tower of babel’ in strasbourg, And Aquila Deborah Broke Through the rooftops of seven europian countries and india, The Synagogue And The Village Migdal Of Mary Of Magdalene Were Discovered at the shore of the lake of galilee.

God is Doing a Major, Beautiful Endtime Work!

See: Timeline/History Magdala Center (click link).

On 11-2009 He Confirmed The New Authority, And Prophesied The Latter Rain For His Body. Through A Called Prophet He Gave The Following Warning About This New Work Of God: “If you do not Understand Something, don’t criticize It, For What you criticize won’t Manifest In your life”.

(Click Here To Watch These Prophetic Words – Pause Background Music At Right Bottom Corner)

He Placed David Joshua Israel Immanuel As A Prepared Prophet And Son At Aquila Deborah’s Side – Rev.12 – In The Source
His River Of Fullness; He Released In This Relationship The Connected Apostle-Prophet Anointing; A Moses-Aaron-Relationship; The Fulfilling Anointing For Completion.

I, David Joshua Israel Immanuel, carry Priesthood like the HighPriest Joshua for the iniquities of the defiled occult bloodline
of the false dutch royal house, called ‘
de oranjes‘; within them are the 13 satanic bloodlines, that control the world system from behind the scenes (nwo).


And he Carries Priesthood for the 12 tribes of Israel. Aquila Deborah is Called as a Zerubbabel, and Anointed with the Cyrus Anointing;
God Gave her the Urim and the Thummim.

She has also the strong Anointing of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, but the most important Aspect is Her deep Loving Relationship with Bridegroom Jesus Christ
like Mary of Magdalene, She May Fulfill the Work God Started with the Vision of the Open Door He Took Apostle John in, on the Island of Patmos.
She Is Walking like Enoch.


This Anointed River Of Glorious Love He Gave to Her, and He Is Restoring the gap Apostle peter induced between Mary Magdalene and himselfwhich has been a gap in the whole Called Body of Christ until now.

Like a Hosea, She is precisely Led through the Fullness of His Seven Spirits, and Gives with Jesus Their Love to the ones He Entrusted to Her and Will Entrust
to Her; ‘precious souls’ He Spoke early 2009 to Her as a Daughter of Zion, a Mother of many; True Sons and Daughters are Born in Zion.
Psalm 87:5.


!!! At 02-2010, During Intercession Deborah Saw In A Vision a large eagle hovering very low over houses and churches. With that She Heard the Words: “I Am Imparting Fear Of The Lord And Judgement”, – Hos. 8:1 – She Saw how at both sides people Shot Away from under the tip of the wings because of the pressure. These are the people who Respond To His Call For Sanctification. He Then Gave The Assignment: “Prepare Yourself To Take Care Of Them”. Shortly After, He Gave Hosea 8, Specifically Verse 1, And With That The Assignment To Blow Judgement And The Fullness With The Shofars at the places He Would Point Out; This Has Meanwhile Been Done At Many Places In the ‘netherlands’ and abroad.


In the night of 7 and 8-10-2010, Jesus Took Deborah In A Dream Through hades; the realm of death.
In The Early Morning She Knew He Had Prepared Her To Go With Him Through all of the dark heavens During The Years That Would Follow; She Knew it would cost Her everything, again…, And Wrote An ‘I Submit To Your Work Again’ – Letter To Her husband And Children.. That’s Why She Is Called The Apostle Of Descension
– The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene And Efe. 4 –

Thus Says The Lord, your Redeemer,
The Holy One Of Israel:
“For Your Sake I Will Send Someone To babylon,
Isaiah 43:14


Jeremiah 31:22


A Deep Endtime Mystery


This Journey Which nobody Could Understand, Started At 10-10-2010 With A High Level Prophetic Action On the pyramid of austerlitz in the centre of the ‘netherlands’.

The Spiritual ‘Ark of Noah’, The UNITY-Ship He Gave For the ‘netherlands’; He Asked them To Make This Known To His Called Children In Order To Stand Together In UNITY.

Between 2010 – 2015, He Sent Aquila Deborah and David Joshua to many places in ‘europe’, including an extensive, special time on the Island of Patmos,
as well as Turkey and Israel, to do His extraordinary Apostolic Prophetic EndTime High Priesthood Work, always on The Cutting Edge.

End of 2010, the Lord Told Aquila Deborah to go to the Island of Patmos;
He Lead To The Island On 05-2011.

During one of Her first nights on the Island, the Lord Led Her to make some drawings; one of them showed Her how Priesthood works in the Spirit/ spirit;
John 17 and Psalm 110, Isaiah 61, not knowing at that moment that He Was already Starting This New Work in Her spirit.

Another drawing was a Lion with fiery manes rolling over the land in the ‘netherlands’;
He Spoke Ezekiel 12:25.

Also, He Gave Her in one of these first nights on the Island all the Pieces for a Breakthrough Bootcamp for the Body of Christ.

When She blew the Shofar at the cave where the Apostle John is said to have Received His Revelation, David Joshua blew the Shofar in the ‘netherlands’
at the same time. 

He Gave them both the same Word at that moment:

Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in Heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He Shall Reign forever and ever!”
Revelation 11:15

In The Meantime He Gave This Confirming Prophecy Through A Known Called Prophet 26-06-2011

“Where did the river rhine come in again? You are so busy with rivers [laughter]. Oh yes, at lobith! [laughter] Okay … Yes, a river enters there. Imagine that there the river comes in. Across borders, in germany there is “bayer”, hey, there is the bayer factory, hey .. Yes … Do you know how much junk there is in that river there? Well, so much is being discharged, so much is being discharged. No, that river is certainly no longer clean before it enters this country. You know, this country is working diligently to clean up that river a little reasonably.

Yes You Like Rivers. I also like rivers. Pay Close Attention: Paradise Was Between Two Rivers, The Euphrates And The Tigris. And people are just searching: Where Exactly Was It? You know, they still can’t find It. Haa, My Daughter, I Have Found Paradise… With You. I Found The Garden With You. Along Those Fast-Flowing Rivers. These Rivers Flow On Two Sides, Left And Right. Your Tears, Yes, Your Tears, Watch Carefully My Daughter. You Can Recognize them, those prophets, they shout so high from the rooftops: “Oohh, the world will end next week!” And if, after the meeting, they ask if there is still coffee, My Daughter, You Have To Send that prophet Away, Because that’s not A Real Prophet. Because You Can Recognize A True Prophet By His Tears. And if that world were to end next week, Then That Man Would Tear His Clothes, Ashes On His Head, Pray, Beg, “Lord, Save that world!” It Is So Important My Daughter, In Everything You Are Allowed To Do For Me, That Those Rivers Keep Flowing Out Of You. You Can’t Make It Without Tears. This generation does not Go Out Except Through Prayer, Through Supplications And Praying. You Have Chosen A Good Name. Because The Tears From Your Eyes Surround Your Paradise, Your Heart. Where I Walk With You In The Soft Coolness Of The Wind. Discuss Things With You Hand In Hand, For Now And For The Future. For Yourself, For Your Own House, But Also For those You Are Compassionate With, who Want To Save this world With You. Because You Are Saving In This World. Do not participate in their debates. Don’t go along in their battle with words. They will tarnish You! Bless them, Bless them. They will curse you! Bless them, Bless them. Don’t fight them, don’t fight flesh and blood! Because the struggles that You Have To Fight Are Against the powers and against the principalities in the air. But Pay Attention: all those powers and all those principalities are not impressive. Because On the cross of Golgotha I Have Overcome all those powers And Openly Exhibited them. So, You Don’t Have To Be afraid of it, in fact: they are afraid Of You, Of You. Your Paradise, My Daughter, Is My Paradise. Nothing Will Be Infertile In It Anymore. In Jesus’ Name.

He Also Prophecied During A Meeting, He Spoke For God Himself: Now And Here On This Place Especially For this audience I Want To Ask You Daughter: so many are rejecting you and work against you, while they also pray to Me, I Know That You Have Forgiven them And Keep Forgiving them, Still I Want Here On This Place Ask As Father To Speak Out That You Forgive them Again, So That I Also Can Continue With them.

In 10-2011 She went back to the Island together with David Joshua; the Lord Spoke through the name ‘Pathmos-single’ on a road in the dutch city enschede;
buy a one-way-ticket to the Island Of Patmos; I’ll Lead you step by step’..;

Deep Secrets He Showed them in the years after; especially about the 144.000 under the Altar; among others by Confirming this by a special sculpture they found in the house He Gave them on the Island of Patmos to rent; by leaving in 2013 the owner gave it to Aquila Deborah as a present. The owner of the house, who was very ill, knew he had built the house on the hill for Her…; a deep Secret they knew both; a nephilim gate on the Island was Closed by Deeply Connected Apostle-Prophet Priesthood in the first months they lived at this place…. You can read more about this on the Apocalypse Unveiled Patmos facebook.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as theywere, should be fulfilled.
Revelation 6:9-11

In 2012, He Said on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem;
I Am Doing a New Work; Isaiah 43:18-19,
and He Gave a New Sound at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, on 23-09-2012.

He Said in the Spirit at that moment:‘Jerusalem Prophets Council
and ‘Jerusalem Ministry Worship Centre’ in 2012,
and on 13-12-’12 He Gave A Vision to David Joshua of the High Holy Way, Isaiah 35; The Way Out for His Bride; the 144.000.
Also in 2012, in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower David Joshua Saw the two last missing pieces falling in the centre of The Puzzle
and Heard in his spirit the Word: COMPLETION!
The Lord Released His High Priest Council Jerusalem on earth; the first Order in His New Work Starting in 2013,
and Court Of Zion in 2014.
River Of Fullness FullCover Insurance in 2014
and Taste all things Food Authority in 2014.
And Much More

From The Released Apostolic Prophetic Priesthood Mantle (Wherein The Fivefold Ministry), HouseGroups Springs Forth in the ‘netherlands’ and all over the world.
In a Vision in 2008 Aquila Deborah Saw that everywhere molehills came out of the dutch ground, through this Apostolic Prophetic Mantle people broke through
the roof of the world system! In 2009, Aquila Deborah Saw in a Vision vulcanoes erupting, from which liquid Gold like lava came over the land: the ‘netherlands’ Became a Golden Netherlands, because our land is a Nation of Reformation. She Saw how there came Spiritual Walk-in Houses and how Apostolic Prophetic Educational
Centers were Opened. The HouseGroups and the Educational Centers Clicked in, and so where Covered by The Priesthood Mantle, which Cleanses
the Attendants from the iniquities, Zech. 13:1. They Move in The Fulfilling Breakthrough Anointing, which sets Free True Sons and Daughters. One Lord, One Bride, One Body. They Rise Up while babylon is falling.

He Is Doing A New Work!

Ezekiel 47:8. His River Makes the sea Healthy …….In His Flow, JUST By Grace!


Testimony David Joshua

Pasfoto David 2

In the book ‘the structure of scientific revolutions’ describes science philosopher thomas samuel kuhn that scientific knowledge doesn’t give a true explanation of the external world but a reflection of organized activities of scientific groups. He calls this collective of ideas, think and emotional systems a paradigm.

The world is a paradigm existing out of paradigms from groups with a certain view on the external world. These paradigms are created and inhabited by fallen angels, now we call them egregores.

paul calls it the egregores of this world sytem Col. 2:20. And peter Prophecies that in the endtime of babylon these egregores shall melt with fervent heat 2 Petr. 3:10, 2 Petr. 3:12

And john Prophecies That In The Endtime Fire Is Spoken By The Two Witnesses Which Devour Their enemies, Rev. 11:5.

2012: 111-666 moon program Broken On The Highest Point, Profitis Ilias,
Of This Second Highest Place in the world: The Holy Island Of Patmos

2012: aeropagus, athens. ‘greek spirit Broken, Also For you!’

A True Prophet Is He Who Walks In What He Prophecies Directly From The Throne. The Words Of Such A Prophet Melt the egregores With Fervent Heat! The True Prophet Of The New Covenant.

God Let Me Born 41 Years Ago, in a family in the above called egregores. The pressure of the lie, of the false life, of the darkness was enormous. But Deep Inside Me Was Me A Prophet Called And Plowing To Find His Way, For Me To Burn Up every egregore which suffocated Me.

I Always Have Had A Strong Desire For Righteousness. When I Was 6 Years Old I Lay Awake In My Bed, because of the famine in ethiopia at that time.

When I Was 18 Years, when I was at babylonic newyearseve at a so called houseparty in the capital of ‘the netherlands’ I Saw in the spiritual world that all there,
were dancing in the mouth of death, the people there were full of drugs and alcohol, totally taken over by evil spirits leading them to the abyss, Psalm 141:7,
unclean spirits. There I Choose To Live For Jesus Christ Only.

The Moment I Made The Choice, Peace Was Restored Again In My Life.
My teenage wandering years came there to an end.

I Took The Step to be baptized and Go The Full 100% For The Lord Jesus Christ. I Prayed, Worshipped, Attended lots of meetings, Studied, Read, Talked. After An Intense Time The Desire In Me Grow To Make My Life Of Working For Him. There Developed In Me A Desire To Be A Pastor. It Seems To Me Absolutely The Only Great Fulfilling Thing To Do. After Praying And Fasting I Got Clear to do a study theology at the university of utrecht. He Showed Me That this study For Me was not to learn how to be a pastor, it was to learn all the ins and outs of the matrix, it was To Transform all the defiled thought-rivers worldwide, every thought, everything known Being Transformed In His Great HighPriesthood, A Deep Deep Beautiful Endtime Mystery.

In This Ascension (Eph. 4), In The Spirit He Already Connected Me With Aquila Deborah,
My Spiritual Mother – Matthew 26:13 -, Would Appear Later.

He Unfolded His Way With Me By Different Prophecies. The First One I Received Said:

You Will Always Be On The Cutting Edge Of What I Am Doing.

He Brought Me In The Highest Line, On His Cutting Edge, Judging Through Our Spirit The Whole worldsystem, Releasing The 144.000.

In 2007 While We Were Praying With A Little Group one Started To Prophecy That I Would Be Someone Cleaning A Lot of rubbish.

In 2007 He Spoke Through two different people That I Would Be Like A River Moving big rocks, And Be Like A RiverDelta Where A Lot Of Smalle Rivers Formed A Big River, And The Big River Splitted In A Lot Of Little Rivers Before Coming In the sea.

Through Another Called Prophet He Said In 2008 ‘And I Will Make You A Father Of Fathers, A Warrior Of Warriors, Like Invanhoe. I Will Give You A Spiritual father And Mother Who Will Teach You the battle.’

Also In 2008 I Received The Prophecy: It’s In Your Bloodline And It’s Manifested In You / it’s in your bloodline and it’s manifested in you.

And 2009 During A Fast a woman said To Me That I Would Be A General In Gods Army
On 11-09-2009 From a conference in strasbourg I Walked with a group to the street were john calvin lived. There The Spirit Of Prophecy Came Over the group And Started To Prophecy… Over Me And a boy who was there also. After The Lion Of Judah Manifested In My Belly I Received Amos 3:7

And Isaiah 22:22, God Confirmed Me As Prophet Over There.
Hear This Word That The Lord Has Spoken Against you,
O Children Of Israel, Against The Whole Family
Which I Brought Up From the land of egypt, saying:
“You Only Have I Known Of All The Families Of The Earth;
Therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?
He Placed Me By Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah In An Amazing
End Of Endtime Blueprint Of Zerubbabel And HighPriest Joshua, Zech. 3 + 4
Will A Lion Roar In The Forest, when he has no prey?
Will A Young Lion Cry Out Of His Den, If He Has Caught nothing?
Will a bird fall into a Snare On The Earth, where there is no trap for it?
Will A Snare Spring Up From The Earth, if it has caught nothing at all?
If A Trumpet is blown in a city, will not the people be afraid?
If there is calamity in a city, Will not The Lord Have Done it?
Surely The Lord God Does nothing,
Unless He Reveals His Secret To His Servants The Prophets.
A Lion Has Roared!
Who will not Fear?
The Lord God Has Spoken!
Who Can But Prophesy?
Amos 3:1-8

The Key Of The House Of David
I Will Lay On His Shoulder;
So He Shall Open, And no one shall shut;
And He Shall Shut, and no one shall open.
I Will Fasten Him As A Peg In A Secure Place,
And He Will Become A Glorious Throne To His Father’s House.
‘They Will Hang On Him All The Glory Of His Father’s House, The Offspring And The Posterity,
All Vessels of small quantity, from the cups to all the pitchers. In That Day,’ Says The Lord Of Hosts,
‘the peg that is fastened in the secure place Will Be Removed And Be Cut Down And fall,
and the burden that was on it Will Be Cut Off; For The Lord Has Spoken.’ ”
Isaiah 22:22-24

Since 2009 Moving In The Mantle Of Jesus Christ And Mary Magdalena Lead By The Spirit, Always On The Cutting Edge, …In His Flow, Just By Grace.
He Promised Her To Make from pink chewing gum, Red And White Chewing Gum Again. A Prophetic Image. To Dance His Children Out Of the mind control programs. To The Point they Can Be Born Again. Generation x, y, z, and their ancestry,
Till adam On, To Restore His Creation; His Promise. Everybody Will Be Touched By The Spirit,
Or From Zion, Or By The Judgement of babylon. A battle Which He Already Won At the cross, Through His Son Jesus Christ.

On 12-11-2009 We Received The Following Prophecy During A Conference.
Prophetic Confirmation His River Of Glory Source Group – 12-11-2009 (Click)

On 22-05-2010 Aquila Deborah Was Lead To Anoint Me As Apostle And
On 24-05-2010 She Was Led To Anoint Me As An Elijah
After A Deep Deliverance Of The To Me Entrusted Area Of Mandate
Crowned With The Crown She Received On Her 50th Birthday, With The Text About The Jubelyear.
Then The Word Of The Lord Came To Me, Saying: “Receive The Gift From the captives—from heldai, tobijah, and jedaiah, who have come from babylon—and go the same day and enter the house of josiah the son of zephaniah.
Take The Silver And Gold, Make An Elaborate Crown, And Set It On The Head Of Joshua The Son Of Jehozadak, The High Priest.
Zechariah 6:9-11

Three Times Aquila Deborah Crowned Me, One Time At A Conference In 2009; She Put The Crown On My Head In Front of the congregation
and my biological parents,
I Met The Father, With All The Kingsflags There
One Time In The PrayerRoom, I Lay Deeply On My Belly, I Met The Son,
A Gethsemane Moment. On The Ground She Put The Crown On My Head

One Time When We Came Back From Jerusalem 12-12-12, She Put The Crown On My Head,
The Holy Spirit Went Deeply Into Me, He Made A Connection With My Area Of Mandate. The Day After 12-12-12 He Had Given Her In Jerusalem through a palestinian muslim The Scepter And The Map Of Jerusalem, She Knew She Had To Give Them To Me, So She Did, She Is The Source For The House Of David; The Shulamite. The Book I Wrote: She Is As The Dance Of Two Armies Will Be Published On Yom Kippur 2019.

Also God Said: I Lay Someone A Huge Oiled Flaming Sword In The Hand,
I Received This Sword On Eagle Rock On The Holy Island Of Patmos, While I Was Laying On My Nose
Before The King Of Kings Flag, Which Was Surrounded By The Seven Fireflags.

After Many High Line Prophetic Actions An Unique Ring Was Created By A jewish goldsmith According To The Design Aquila Deborah Gave them And Funded Out Of The Provision Of The Jesus Christ And Mary Magdalene Melchizedek Bloodline, The Ezra 9 Priesthood Sanctified, Out Of the jezuit bloodline, In The Family Of Huet – Reijmer. The Family Where Dorine – Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah – Was Born In 1958. Her Fathers Calling Was To Build Up houses and give the families homes. This Is The Logo He Made For His Company.

The Ring Is An Efod And Stands Prophetic For The 12 Tribes Of Israel
Who Come To Glory Revelation 7.

The tribe of dan, the false judging system, is no more! The wordly judging system is babylon, babylon is falling and cannot Be Healed.

Together With Aquila Deborah He Gave Me His Seat In High Priest Council Jerusalem And In Court Of Zion

David Joshua Israel Immanuel Ben Sion

Click here to read the Article ‘The Accomplishing Anointing; Ba’al-Perazim’*
*in dutch; english translation will be added when available