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                                                                                                Songs of Songs 1:3a


Patmos, The Zion-Island, Revives 

God Has Chosen Patmos To Be A Zion-Island. 
And Island Where His Pesence Permanently Is, An Island Where The Spirit Of God
Can Settle Down.

Patmos Is The Island Of The Opened Door, In That Place Heaven Has Touched Earth In The Apostle John.

This Was A Precursor Of The Very Precious And Deep New Jerusalem Blueprint,
Which The Island Carries Inside And Which Will Be Fulfilled In These Days.
Patmos Will Turn Out To Be A Zion-Island!

Isaiah 66:1-2
Thus Says The Lord:
“Heaven Is My Throne,
And Earth Is My Footstool.

Where Is The House That You Will Build Me?
And Where Is The Place Of My Rest?

For All Those Things My Hand Has Made,
And All Those Things Exist,”
Says The Lord.

“But On This One Will I Look:
On Him Who Is Poor And Of A Contrite Spirit,
And Who Trembles At
My Word.


Skala, the largest town on Patmos, has been made sistercity of the belgian place oudergem. From Revelation We Know, that in and around oudergem a lot of satanic ritual abuse and incest takes place. Patmos is directly related to this. We Know We Can not publicly Share What We Now Know About what this means for patmos. What We Can Mention Is that darkness always tries to pervert The Precious Blueprints Of God by bringing  the opposite. When there is deep perversion, then something or someone Is Thus Called For The Opposite, And Something Very Precious is being suppressed!
God Has Called Us To Build His House For The Sanctuary, Also On Patmos. God Has Chosen This Island, And He Has Given It Into Our Hands, His Servants, In Order To Bring It Back To Him. We Know That This Will Be An Island Where Apostolic Prophets And Prophets Will Come Away From Under the altarRev.6:9 -. God Has Given Us The House Eagle Rock, The Rock Where Eagles (Prophets) Can Recover In The Sun.  


Right The Called Apostolic Prophets And Prophets are satanic ritually abused in the spirit or in the natural. Right they are the target of satan, because he absolutely does not want The Sons Of God To Start Reigning. He can never stop God's Plan of Salvation, but he can abuse and torment The Children Of God Who Do not FULLY Move In The Weaponry And At Their Place In His Order, thus they cannot receive His Full Protection. Right For Them, This Place Is Being Prepared So They Can Take Their Position That He Has Given Them In His Body. We Know: Something Historical Is Happening Here, The Book Of Revelation Comes To Fulfillment. Patmos Will Play A Central Role In This.

God Has Appointed His Anointed Ones As Kings Over The Island.

What Is Special, Is That The Island Officially Received The Status of HOLY ISLAND From the greek parliament in sd 1981 and from unesco in sd 1999. Spiritually, This Means That the world system has recognized That Patmos Is God's Island; He Spoke In sd 05-2011, Directly After Blowing The Shofar At The Place He Pointed Out, On A High Rock In Front Of The Cave Where The Apostle John Received The Revelation of Jesus Christ:

Then The Seventh Angel Sounded: And There Were Loud Voices In Heaven, Saying,
The kingdoms of this world Have Become The Kingdoms Of Our Lord And Of His Christ,
And He Shall Reign Forever And Ever!” 

Revelation 11:15

By A Prophet From The Dutch Prayer Team This Scripture Was Immediately Confirmed:
He Heard At That Moment In The Spirit:
‘The kingdoms of this world Have Become Of Jesus Christ’.

Spiritually Taking This Throne Was not Without resistance. Eagle Rock Played A Key Role In This, Already From The Beginning We Knew That This Amazingly Beautiful Place had a very dark other side. It was a severely occult nephilim star gate* of the highest level. Turning this around has almost costed Aquila Deborah her life a couple of times in the two months of battle for the place of the in total two years of day and night spiritual battle for The Complete Island, Through The Spirit Of Highpriestship Delegated By Jesus Christ Himself, Especially For The Island Of Patmos, With The Focus On Jerusalem.
While We Write This Article (July 2013) We See On several travel websites That Patmos Is Being Called The 'Jerusalem Of the aegean sea'. 

*For More Information Read: nephilim stargates, tom horn.

When We First Entered The House, There Were Two Paintings Inside, Standing Opposite To Each Other On The Floor:


(It Was Prophetic That They Stood ON THE FLOOR; Both Were not Hanging On The Wall;
The Complete Message Had Thus not Taken Shape (Yet); The Fight Clearly Still Had To Be Fought!) On The One Hand The Painting Of the elohim – Gen. 6 – , seducing a woman.
Here The Pomegranates In The Water Are Depicted, In This case a picture for false love.
Again the ultimate perversion; The Pomegranates Only Belong At The Robe Of The Pure Priest. It Is The Only Fruit He Can / Has To Take Along Into The Sanctuary, As Picture Of The Perfect, Pure Song Of Songs Love.


On The Other Hand The Sculpture Of The Fifth Seal, Where The Souls Come From Under The Altar – Rev.6:9 – . Also, Outside Behind The House We Found the skull of An Eagle
– Image Of The Prophet –  And 2 Meters Further In The Basement Underneath The House

the skeleton of a goat (picture of witchcraft). 

It Was Clear What The Battle Was About, And This More Than Turned Out Afterwards. 

The nephilim held The Called Apostolic Prophets And Prophets Under the altar. Not anymore! God Has Used His Apostolic Leader Aquila Deborah To Close this immense high spiritual gate. Closely Working Together With Her Meanwhile First Son Israël Barak, To Get All The Called Apostolic Prophets And Prophets Away From Under the altar. These Are The 144.000 True Israëlites Where Revelation 7:4 Talks About. This Is What God Himself Spoke And Continually Confirms. God Leads Aquila Deborah And Israël Barak To Bring These 144.000 into The New Sound, Which Was Given To Aquila Deborah On sd 23-09- 2012 In Jerusalem: A New Time.
“Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I Will Do A New Thing,
Now It Shall Spring Forth;
Shall You not Know It?
I Will Even Make A Road In the wilderness
And Rivers In the desert
Isaiah 43:18-19


Revelation 14:1-3
The Lamb And The 144.000

Then I Looked, And Behold, A Lamb Standing On Mount Zion, And With Him One Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand, Having His Father’s Name Written On Their Foreheads.
And I Heard A Voice From Heaven, Like The Voice Of Many Waters, And Like The Voice Of Loud Thunder. And I Heard The Sound Of Harpists Playing Their Harps.
They Sang As It Were A New Song Before The Throne, Before The Four Living Creatures,
And The Elders; And No One Could Learn That Song Except The Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand Who Were Redeemed From
The Earth.

When He led us into Worship at the end of May 2013 at Eagle Rock,
Ariël received the New Song: Fountain of the gardens (Song of Songs 4:15-16).

Click here to listen to this song in Dutch

Patmos Plays A Central Role In The Releasing And Sealing Of The 144.000. On One Of The Beaches Of Patmos, Barry Came To A Deep Rebirth, And Immediately He Received The New Name Israël. This Was not Just A New Name. In Hebrew, Name And Being Are One. Israël Turns Out To Carry The 12 Tribes Of Israel In His Spirit, These Tribes Had To Be Deeply Cleansed From the iniquities.

Through Her Former 20 Years Of Training, From The High Priest Jesus Christ Aquila Deborah Had Gotten The Ephod Revealed In Order To Accomplish This Work. A Deep Cleansing Work Of Months Followed, Deliverance After Deliverance, Revelation After Revelation. The Complete Word Was Lived Through, Every Book Of The Bible Was Included; Dynamical, Living Water Led By Him EVERYWHERE! Everything, Yes Everything Was Prophetically Lived Through. Israël Was Cleansed And Prepared To Reign With Her.
We Know Now, Said In All Humility: He Causes Us To Walk In The Blueprint Of The Two Witnesses. Revelation 12, The Blueprint Of The Woman And The Son, And So Having Come To True Priesthood And True Kingship. We Will Judge the gentiles With An Iron Rod! So Completely Different Than what the unfaithful queen of heaven church teaches. Know: We Do not Condemn, For many Do not Have Knowledge Yet. A Judgment Is not A Condemnation! A Judgment Is Given As A Helping Hand From God, More Strict Than Ever, Since Time Is Only short, very short…; the enemy reigns more than people are aware in the current worldwide church. This is ending NOW!
God Is Calling the oppressed souls More Than Ever To Come To The FULL Truth;
'Come To The Waters', Isaiah 55.

For The Gospel Is not Only A Message Of Salvation, no, Jesus Came To Bring His Kingdom. The Kingdom In Which His Kings And Priests Reign.

But you Are A Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, His Own Special People, That you May Proclaim The Praises Of Him Who Called you Out Of darkness Into His Marvelous Light;
Who once were not A People But Are Now The People Of God, Who Had not Obtained Mercy But Now Have Obtained Mercy.
1 Peter 2:9-10

During The Wrestle To Close the nephilim gate, Aquila Deborah, received, among others, The Following Unique Revelation: 
During An Intensely Deep Battle In The Spirit She Saw above the monastery of the monks a huge brownish, tough hymen that Tore. A While Later She Saw That Water Started Dripping Along the edges. Meanwhile (sd May/June 2013), We Saw The River Several Times, Flowing Increasingly Powerfully!
This Through Prophetic Worship, Priesthood And Prayer, And Many Prophetic Acts As He Showed Us. The Island Is More Open Than Ever, Clearly Something Changed In The Spiritua; Realm, Which Is Visible In The Natural; the people are way Less turned inwardly, are visiting each other, give each other food, presents, and more Than Ever We Notice…: WATER! The Other Day, a perfect stranger With Whom We Had A Divine Appointment Took A Glass Of Water From Our Table Just Like That And Drank It; How Prophetic, How Amazing!!!

It Turned Out that a year Before A Called Prophetess, Sent By God From Jerusalem To Patmos, had to sail with a boat to a bay of the island and there had to open the gate from the world To Patmos. We Have Now Open The Gate Of Patmos To the world, Also Clearly Operating In This Prophetic Jerusalem-Line. (It Was On Patmos That Through Dreams, Words And Prophetic Impressions, God Started Speaking To Us About Jerusalem. This Resulted In A First Prophetic Trip Towards jerusalem In sd sept/okt 2012,
Where He Gave Us A.O. As Mentioned Before The New Sound (Isa.43:18-19), Followed By A Second Prophetic Trip In sd nov/dec that year, Where Aquila Deborah After Intensely Deep Priesthood Received world Mandate From Him. 

Read More About Our Prophetic Moving In And Around Jerusalem In Article 3:
Patmos Developments.)

During A Testimony to a lady who lives on the island in June 2013, to whom we were to share our Vision from God, among which that God is causing this island to start flourishing as a Sion-island, she shared that this was exactly the prophecy she received last year also through a filipino lady for the island. Also, the Vision for her and her family also exactly corresponded; God confirms His prophets!
We Bless them, and hope as He leads to meet them all here to Worship our Lord in Unity and so strenghten the flowing of His River.


How long has Patmos waited on pure prophets, who in the spirit broke through in such a way that they could permanently marry the island to the Spirit of God.
Know that it is the apostles and prophets, who need to bring the earth in Line with heaven! 
Isaiah 62:4-5
You shall no longer be termed Forsaken,
Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate;
But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah;
For the Lord delights in you,
And your land shall be married.
For as a young man marries a virgin,
So shall your sons marry you;
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So shall your God rejoice over you.
John was to sow Patmos in Christ, God has watered, we were to marry the island in God out of an intense spiritual Oil press..)  
(Gethsémané; also caused by the demonic roof of the Netherlands) and now in the Spirit of Christ we may bring the island to Fullness.
This is what Jesus means with true Priesthood and Kingship. 
Patmos is the highest spiritual place from where the prophetic is released. This is only possible since 11-11-'11, when we placed the seven Fire Flags, the White Flag (stands prophetically for Jesus) and the Revelation 19 Flag on the prophetic height Eagle Rock. The many pelgrims from all over the world will finally slowly find Water instead of dry religion, which is why the Bride could not bear Fruit. 
Interesting to know and a confirmation of what spiritually has taken place, is that the abbott (head monk) of the island meanwhile had to move from the higest place on the island, the johnite monastery, to the lowest place on the island, a small monastery by the sea, because of several problems. We know: great throne shifts are taking place. This abbott is a called prophet, but still lies on the altar of satan. His name is antipas (Rev.2:13), His staff is one with a snake, the double-headed eagle is on his chest. During a visit from us to the monastery in October 2011, this abbott asked us to blow the shofar in the monastery for the release of a new 'way' to testify the Revelation to humanity… He did not know and probably still does not know what He asked us…; we received legal ground to release God's judgment and pure Authority!!!

Ears heard, the Spirit as well, as it turns out very clearly now!

Also his 'right hand' asked Israël to blow the Sound through the window of antipas' room over the island; God clearly prepares the Way!  
There where the Order of God on earth is restored, His Spirit can come more and more and eventually permanently rest on the island. 
Patmos will be a Sion-island
 Read article 1: prophecy Aquila Deborah May 2011
Previously we already mentioned the relation between Patmos and oudergem. At this moment (2013), this demonic program is completely being turned around in the Spirit. Patmos will be an island where many satanic ritual programmed slaves will be 'seen', saved, delivered, healed and brought in their True Destiny / Blueprint. Israël Barak was the first, who was to go through these in-depth deliverances under the Mantle of Aquila Deborah. Within our team there are another four precious ones called by Him on their way. Many, yes many will follow. The called Bride is being led out of babylon, away from under the altar of satan.


Every person needs to deeply leave babylon in order to be able to stand in the true and real identity. This is where Jesus Christ had to go the Way of the Cross for:
real, total, visible Salvation. In order to then come Home in the Father, in His Kingdom!
Patmos received a Key position from Him in the climax of His Plan of Salvation for the nations. 
The Door of Heaven is TANGIBLY open here!
The Living Water could start flowing,

and also more than clearly now: the Oil!

CYRUS ANOINTING (Isa.45) that breaks the bars open,
cleanses and heals wounds, and causes apostles and prophets to arise!

Nations are being reached,
the Bride without spot or wrinkle prepared!
All Honor to our Bridegroom the Lord Jesus Christ,
to the God of Abraham, Izaak en Jacob
The developments on Patmos that we sense we can share, the Firstfruits of the Harvest, the Inheritance in Christ, will be found on this River of Glory – Inheritance Firstfruits Patmos facebook.
Did you receive Revelations from Him concerning Patmos yourself, and/or do you sense you can start moving along with us? 
Or do you maybe have questions? You are welcome to email to:

Israël Barak and Aquila Deborah
           …and His Voice sounded as the sound of many waters (Rev.1:15b)   


This moving in and around Patmos is part of His River Of Fullness.