We Are Placed In The Office By God And Speak Straight From The Throne, So Rhema

Time Ago We Already Warned you About NOT Living The Word Full. Thus you being in Revelation 3:1-3, so rebellious against Gods Assignment!

 “And To The Angel Of the church in sardis Write, ‘These Things Says He Who Has The Seven Spirits Of God And The Seven Stars: “I Know your works, that you have a name that you Are Alive, But you are dead. 2 “Be Watchful, And Strengthen The Things Which Remain, that are ready to die,
For I Have Not Found your works Perfect Before God. 3 “Remember Therefore How you Have Received And Heard; Hold Fast And Repent.
Therefore if you will not Watch, I Will Come Upon you As A Thief, and you will not Know What Hour I Will Come Upon you.

Revelation 3:1-3

By NOT Living The Word Full you are moving in the flow of the queen of heaven (peace, peace and there is no Peace, Jeremiah 6:14) you have brought and bring perversion into The Called Body Of Christ. stubbornly you did not Answer Us Back! you and bill kept on leading the believers astray

Now the believers are at the tip of surrendering over to the new world order! And now you seemingly Repent.
The Father Had To Warn you By This Dream.

Still you don’t Embrace And Thus don’t Live In The Full Revelation, Written About In Matthew 26:13,
The Secret Which Is Given To Me, Moving In The Mantle Of The Shulamite, Song Of SOngs 6:13, Micah 4:8, Revelation 12

You are Not Placed As First! 

Your are still being in the sea – Ezekiel 47:8 -, not On Top Of it! You speak in half-truths,
Visible through all your posts! It’s the defiled water you are in that shimmers just Pieces Of Light!

Jesus Released The New Work – Isaiah 28:21, 43:19, Jeremiah 31:22 – A New Unusual, Yes, Even Strange Work!

EXAMPLE: December 26, 2021:  Shake off the things that have kept you preoccupied and tied to the world. Today is a new day; live it with resolve to seek first My kingdom. Set yourself to not only know about Me, or know about the spiritual realm, but to experience and live the truth that you have discovered. I call you to be a true disciple. Luke 14:27 And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.

Shake off the things that have kept you preoccupied and tied to the world??? YES, THIS IS NECESSARY
But you don’t Offer them The House they Need To Have To Do This, so you mislead the believers bringing them into an IMPOSSIBILITY!

When you Would Lead the people In True Reformation, Thus True Revival you Would Quote Luke 14:25-35
LEAVING everyhing (Thus babylon! Rev. 18:4!) BEHIND! But how sneaky, you keep them in babylon,
bypassing ALL THE CRUCIAL TEXTS! As Said Matthew 26:13. And you can not offer them The Substance they Need To Have,
because you are NOT Out Of babylon yourself! Everybody Needs To Be Born In Zion, Psalm 87:5
(you are part of the sundaychurch, which is a catholic institution, worshipping the sun = apollyon destruction -> Revelation 9:11)
I Am Absolutely Convinced Of your good intentions, bur good intentions pave the way to hell.
It are the light reflections of the snake whit convince you, that you do The Right Thing
you say you have repented, but How Do you Come To Fullness?

Would This Be The Reason God Let Me Now Mail you? So That you eyes Will Be Further Opened And you Will Become Aware
Of negative influence towards your followers. I Do Not Condem you, But I May Warn you,
And Present you The Bootcamp, Which God Gave Aquila Deborah By Rhema, On The Holy Island Of Patmos, See Attachment

EXAMPLE 2: January 5, 2022:  Resolve to be the best you can be, and strive for that position. I am with you to help you achieve your utmost in spirit, soul, and body. I will lift you up from the darkest depths and take you to the mountain tops if you will only believe. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing will be impossible.

all slamming in the air, the believers CAN NOT TAKE POSITION, WITHOUT BEING OUT OF BABYLON!
they CAN NOT ACHIEVE THE UTMOST IN THE SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY! And God CAN NOT Take them From the darkest depths And Take Them To The Mountain Tops! IMPOSSIBLE WITH WHAT YOU OFFER THEM! because they have bonds with the state thus with babylon, thus with the fallen angels, who has mind controlled and programmed them, the are on their strings!!! So are you! Only Anointing Can Break the strings! martha, martha, Maria Choose The Best Part! Read Jeremiah 31:22B 
How long will you gad about, O you backsliding daughter? For The LORD Has Created A New Thing In The Earth–A Woman Shall Encompass A Man.”
Jeremiah 31:22 

Only Anointing Can Break the jokes, Only Anointing Can Build The House – Isaiah 10:27, Openbaring 11:15

Jesus Said That He Would Break Off the temple In Three Days, And Errect The New Temple! – Revelation 21:22 –
But I Saw No Temple In Her, For The Lord God Almighty And The Lamb Are Her Temple.

So what you do is phariseeism, laying all kind of heavy burdens on the people, which are impossible to do!
you yourself are not able to go in either. you are hiding in the sundaychurch, under the mantle of the anti-Christ pope.
AGAIN slamming in the air!

you have small straws in a soft wind, While Jesus Says: I Did Not Come To Bring peace, But The Sword! To Divide Spirit And flesh,
To Divide One Human From the other, Even families. He Also Says, Written In Luke 14:25-35:
33 “So likewise, whoever of you does not Forsake ALL THAT HE HAS CANNOT Be My Disciple.
The Verb Also Says: soft healers make stinking wounds!

Thus not Only Repent, But Also See the whole scale and effect of your sin and fornication,
But you Have To Ask Forgiveness To Him, To Us, And To the people you reach with small straws,
if you Will Be The Greatest In The Kingdom, you Have To Be The Least Of The Least
Till Now you Have Had An Enormous Mercy On your moving, He Used your ministry as a sheaf of corn
Honestly I Myself, Know Where I Am Talking About, …In His Flow, JUST By Grace!
13567 likes your facebook! you are all leading them astray, giving them the best words, But not To The Right Words,
the best words are the enemy of The Right Words! God Call Us To Walk In Jesus FootSteps, Jesus Did Only What He Sees The Father Doing!
They Are One, That Is Also His Heart For Us, John 17
This Also Counts For bill and the trumpet!

God Is Able, After Deeply Repentance And Surrender To Turn All For Good, And Give Her The Honor And The Place,
Jesus Ask you To Do, As Said Written In Matthew 26:13, And To Understand From Revelation 12:1-2

Who has sinned publicly, Has To Be Rebuked publicly – 1 Tim. 5:20 –

In And From Agapé,

Spoken In The Name Of The Most High And The Shulamite,

Joshua David Israel Immanuel Ben Sion
Judge In The New Work
– Revelation 11:15, 12:5 –
Prophets Council Jerusalem