The River Of Fullness...

Flows Through The Open Door,
Between The Pillars Boaz – In Him Is Strength – and Jachin – He Will Establish –
Into the world, the sea – Ezekiel 48:7 Revelation 22 -, And Heals the sea.
For The Pure Water You Need To Come Close To The Door,
For The Purest Water You Need To Go Through The Door,
Once You Have Come Home In The Source, You Can No longer Be Distinguished From The Source.
The Source That Brings Forth All Life, Embodied In The Daughter Of Zion
– Isaiah 66 Micah 4 Zechariah 4 Matthew 26:13 Revelation 12 – 
She Is The Source For The House Of David – Zechariah 13:1 -,
The Shulamite – Song Of Songs 6:13 -,
The Fullness Of Christ On Earth; A Woman Brings Forth The New Creation – Jeremiah 31:22 Isaiah 66 -,
In A Woman Rebirth Takes Place – John 3:3 Psalm 87:5 –
The Open Door Is Between Boaz And Jachin, Between The Two Witnesses,
Revelation 11, Coming Home In Revelation 12,
Where The Woman Brings Forth The Son Who Shall Reign On The Throne Of David
– Daniel 7, Psalm 2, Isaiah 66 -. The Number 11 Stands For Transition, Transition To 12, 12 Stand For Reigning:
The Reigning Of Christ On Earth. All Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled In Revelation 12. The Time Of Prophesying Is Over:
It Is Now The Time Of Fulfillment – Ezekiel 12:28 -.

The Son,The High Priest Joshua, Takes Up The Scepter; Converting the defiled peter line And Coming Home In Zerubbabel,
The Jesus Christ – Mary Of Magdalene Anointing Line, Which Is The Melchezidek Bloodline. In This Fullness Of Time,
Everything Comes To Completion:

The Representative Of Earthly Creation Has Come Home In The Representative Of Heavenly Creation


There Are Also Celestial Bodies And Terrestrial Bodies;
But The Glory Of The Celestial Is One, And The Glory Of The Terrestrial Is Another.
And As We have bore The Image Of the man of dust,
We Shall Also Bear The Image Of The Heavenly Man.
1 Corinthians 15:40+49