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She Is As The Dance Of Two Armies

– Song Of Songs 6:13 –

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Am I the next victim of confusion of a too complex world, wherein I have to make structures to comprehend it, driven by the existential urge to actualize Myself? The need, coming from inner emptiness, to create something to live and to die for? The definition of idolatry. A dutch newspaper calls our thinking absolutism. Absolutism: in the whole
of complexity of this world grasp and embrace a splinter of ‘reality’

and make that splinter the core of My ‘reason to exist’. An urge so deep that from this urge I want to convince you of My ‘reality’ not out of Love but only to strengthen for Myself this ‘reality paradigm’ I have created.

To fill My ‘empty heart’ with the zeal for a temporarily security: evangelization to consume the people around Me.

Is that what I do In This Book?

It’s For you To Ask The Father…


It’s For you To Take A Leap Of Faith…


The Starting Of The Holy HighPriestHood On Earth Was

The Beginning Of The End of babylon And The Beginning

Of The Beginning Of The Reign Of The Kingdom Of God

On Earth.



This Book Is About A Woman



David Joshua Israel Immanuel Ben Sion


                            …In His Flow, By Grace